Definitions for "Oxides of Nitrogen"
Keywords:  nox, smog, nitric, nitrogen, combustion
Gases created when nitrogen and oxygen combine in the combustion chamber.
primarily nitric oxide (NO), which in the presence of air, sunlight and hydrocarbons in air pollutants, oxidizes rapidly to form nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Air emissions produced during the high temperature combustion of all fossil fuels. Oxides of nitrogen are chemically identified as NO, NO2 and NO3 or generically as NOx. In addition to contributing to ozone formation, some nitrogen oxides, such as NO2, are corrosive, acid rain precursors, and can cause respiratory problems. Act 141, Section 10r(3), requires all Michigan electric suppliers, beginning January 1, 2002, to disclose to customers the environmental characteristics of the average fuel mix used to produce the electricity products purchased by the customers. This disclosure will include the average air emissions, in pounds per megawatt-hour, of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen.