Definitions for "Acid Rain"
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Precipitation having an unusually low pH value (4.5 or lower) caused by absorption of air polluted by sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.
Rain that contains such acidic compounds as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which are produced by the combination of atmospheric water with oxides released when hydrocarbons are burned. Acid rain is widely considered responsible for damaging forests, crops, and human-made structures, and for killing aqua-tic life.
Also known as "acid deposition." Acidic aerosols in the atmosphere are removed from the atmosphere by wet deposition (rain, snow, fog) or dry deposition (particles sticking to vegetation). Acidic aerosols are present in the atmosphere primarily due to discharges of gaseous sulfur oxides ( sulfur dioxide) and nitrogen oxides from both anthropogenic and natural sources. In the atmosphere these gases combine with water to form acids.
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When a skater has his front foot on the outside of the grind plate with toes turned out and his back foot on the inside of the grind plate. In this trick, both feet are Royale.
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Adapt + aerodynamic
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Acidification Advancement Aerosols Agenda 21
See acid deposition.
Rainfall with a pH of less than 7.0. Long-term deposition of these acids is linked to adverse effects on aquatic organisms and plant life in areas with poor neutralizing (buffering) capacity.
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has made the lake's water poisonous and is harming the fish.