Definitions for "ODP"
Ozone Depleting Potential. A measure of the capability of a particular chemical to destroy ozone, measured against CFC-11 which has an ozone- depleting potential of 1. For ODP values of ozone-depleting substances, see Substances and Sectors
See Ozone Depletion Potential.
Ozone Depletion Potentials (ODPs) provide a relative measure of the expected impact on stratospheric ozone per unit mass emission of a gas, as compared to that expected from the same mass emission of CFC-11 integrated over time. The Montreal Protocol uses steady state ODPs which represent the cumulative effect on ozone over an infinite time. By contrast, a 20-Year ODP is a time-weighted depletion rating, which provides a more realistic measure of medium-term depletion.
Office for Domestic Preparedness (OJP)
Office for Domestic Preparedness, located within the Department of Homeland Security and responsible for the UASI program
otp An pen ocument resentation file is the presentation format portion of the OASIS OpenDocument standard. It is usable by many different presentation applications. The version with the "d" is an ordinary document; the version with the "t" is a template for building other documents.
pen irectory roject. A directory used by a lot of search engines.
Open Directory Project
Olympic Development Program - Also known as the State Team Program, the Olympic Development Program fields teams in the U-13 through U-17 age groups. This program is the first step in a Regional and National team selection process and an avenue to the US Olympic and US Soccer National teams.
Ocean Drilling Program (International Consortium)
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Offline Database Populator.
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Open Distributed Processing
Open Drip Proof Motor
See open data path (ODP).
An abbreviation for optical data processing. Learn more about ODP...
Optical Disk Playback.
Operating Department Practice