Definitions for "Tamper"
To meddle; to be busy; to try little experiments; as, to tamper with a disease.
To meddle so as to alter, injure, or vitiate a thing.
An implement used to consolidate concrete or mortar in molds or forms. A hand-operated device for compacting flooring topping or other unformed concrete by impact from the dropped device in preparation for strike off and finishing. Contact surface often consists of a screen or a grid of bars to force coarse aggregates below the surface that prevents interference with floating or troweling. It is also know as a jitterbug. See troweling.
a layer of dense material (typically natural or depleted uranium or tungsten ) surrounding the fissile material
the blanket of uranium-238 that surrounds the core of a nuclear weapon.
To deal unfairly; to practice secretly; to use bribery.
to modify a system, device, or data in an unauthorized manner.
tamper - To maliciously modify data.
Unauthorized modification of data.
A tamper is used to firm the soil before installing a new masonry surface. Often, a simple 4x4 or fence post can serve as a tamper for a small excavation. For larger areas, consider renting a vibrating power tamper. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
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a machine that rides the rail and picks them up and tamps down the ballast, measures the track geometry and lines the rails
One who tamps; specifically, one who prepares for blasting, by filling the hole in which the charge is placed.
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An instrument used in tamping; a tamping iron.
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What you use to Tamp.