Definitions for "CRIMPING"
Connecting a cable to a connector without screwing or soldering by way of a special tool.
A means of securing an electrical contact to a wire using tools that compress the metal contact around the wire.
A method of decorating the rims of bowls and vases. The glassworker used a special hand tool to manipulate the nearly-molten pressed or blown glass and form a ribbon-like design.
Creasing the bindery edges of ledger sheets to help them open more freely.
A rapid raising process by forming radiating valleys from the center to the outer edge of a metal object then raised. Generally used on thinner gauge metal.
Technique for easing fabric into the seamline.
Keywords:  ists, curls, bends, dimension, twists
The process that bends, waves, twists, or curls the fiber along ists length to give them more dimension.
Mechanical deformation of a deformable material, usually a metal.
Compressing a sleeve around the fiber/buffer in order to produce reliable mechanical protection.
A pressure method of mechanically securing a terminal, splice or contact to a conductor.
Keywords:  corrugating, seam, arc, diameter, strip
The forming of relatively small corrugations in order to set down and lock a seam, to create an arc in a strip of metal, or to reduce an existing arc or diameter. See also corrugating.
Puncture marks holding business forms together.