Definitions for "depleted"
Not considered rare in Victoria in the wild state, but considered threatened: regeneration is problematic or less than necessary to replace losses, and the populations are continuing to decrease. This category is used predominantly for plants that may occur over their former range but are markedly less common and continuing to decline, and also for those plants whose range is now substantially reduced with satisfactory regeneration only in a very small proportion of that range
Defined by the MMPA as any case in which - the Secretary, after consultation with the Marine Mammal Commission and the Committee of Scientific Advisors on Marine Mammals established under MMPA title II, determines that a species or population stock is below its optimum sustainable population; a State, to which authority for the conservation and management of a species or population stock is transferred under section 109, determines that such species or stock is below its optimum sustainable population; or a species or population stock is listed as an endangered species or a threatened species under the ESA.
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As a result of casualties, an infantry unit may become depleted. USA corps and CSA divisions each have two steps; if they lose 1 step, they are considered depleted. (If they lose 2 steps, they go to cadre.) All USA corps have a strength of 2 when depleted. A CSA division with a regular strength of 2 or more has a strength of 1 when depleted; a CSA division with a regular strength of 1 has a strength of 0 when depleted, but can still fight. A unit is shown as being depleted by rotating it 90ยบ.
no longer sufficient; as, our funds are depleted.
no longer sufficient; "supplies are low"; "our funds are depleted"
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Soil that lacks nutrients and water has been depleted. It is poor for growing, the plants would lack the nutrients as well.
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having resources completely depleted.