Definitions for "ENG"
An electro-nystagmogram is a recording of the eye movements during visual and rotating chair tests and is used to assess a personâ€(tm)s balance systems. The balance organs control the movement of the eyes and when the balance organs or centres are damaged there can be nystagmus - an abnormal jerkiness of the eyes.
(Electronystagmography): a test of the balance system
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Electrical News Gathering
Electronic News Gathering - Videotaping news events for journalistic purposes.
Abbreviation for electronic news gathering, refers to the process of gathering footage for immediate broadcast, using portable recording devises, usually for daily new purposes.
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lectronic ews athering.
Eng or engma (majuscule: ÅŠ, minuscule: Å‹) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, used to represent a velar nasal (as in English singing) in the written form of some languages.
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abb. engineer's key
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Engaged. Means that the largest diameter of the baby's head has passed the pelvic 'brim'.
Engrossed [refers to floor amendments being made to Florida legislation.
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Chief Engineer, pronounced with a soft g.
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College of Engineering