Definitions for "RCA"
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Cable connector used for a variety of applications. Analog audio, digital audio, and video. It is two conductor consisting of a center signal conductor with an outer "shield" ring which makes the plug exceptional for shielding stray signal.
See Phono Plug.
A type of connector used on all consumer VCRs and camcorders to carry the standard composite video and audio signals.
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Refugee Cash Assistance. A time-limited cash assistance program available to eligible refugees who are ineligible for TANF.
Request for Collection Assistance, former name for pre-claims assistance.(PCA), replaced by Default Aversion Assistance on Feb. 15, 1999.
Resolucion de Calificacion Ambiental
Royal College of Anaesthetists
Royal Canadian Artillery
See Root Cause Analysis.
Root Cause Analysis. A Telcordia standard for Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architectures. The objective of RCA is to reduce the amount of analysis time spent determining why multiple alarms occur. It is expected that network management of a large-scale data network may receive up to 700 alarm messages per second during peak operating periods. To handle this level of alarm traffic RCA automatically processes certain alarm messages in predetermined ways one of them being automatic generation of a trouble ticket for the root cause of a problem that generated multiple alarm messages.
Root Cause Analysis. A technique for uncovering the cause of a failure by deductive reasoning down to the physical and human root(s), and then using inductive reasoning to uncover the much broader latent or organizational root(s.)
U.S. transnational corporation
Rajasthan Cricket Association
Retirement Compensation Arrangement. A plan which provides benefits that exceed the allowable limits for a registered pension plan under the Income Tax Act.
Retirement Compensation Arrangement. A supplemental pension plan that is subject to the Income Tax Act only.
Recycled Concrete Aggregate for use as a DGABC
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RealAudio Real Time
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Radiological Control Area
Regional Co-operative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
Research Chefs Association
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Radial Contrast after recording
Revocation of certificate Terminating the license of a foreign entity
Regional Calling Area. A defined area within a Local Access and Transport Area (LATA). Most telephone directories define RCAs in terms of applicable area codes and/or communities.
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Right coronary artery
Revealed comparative advantage.
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Road controlling authority.
Soil and Water Resource Conservation Act of 1977.