Definitions for "SDI"
Strategic Defence Initiative, the USA's proposed 'Star Wars' laser defense system
Is a single video cable that is used to carry a digital video signal. This type of connection is normally found on commercial equipment, but is sometimes used with modified DVD players and external scalars.
Strategic Defense Initiative. The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) is a U.S. research and development program designed to create an effective defense against nuclear-missile attack, initiated by President Reagan in 1983. As envisioned, the system uses a "layered" defense in which enemy missiles would come under continuous attack from the time they are launched to just before they reach their targets, a total of about 30 minutes. See; Ballistic Missile Defense.
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Silt Density Index – a test used to measure the level of suspended solids in feed water that tend to foul a reverse osmosis system. The measurement is the rate at which a 0.45-micron filter will plug with particulate material in the source water.
Silt Density Index, also called the Fouling Index (FI) a test used to estimate the concentration of colloids in water, derived from the rate of blockage of a 0.45 micron-filter under standard conditions.
Selective Dissemination of Information. A service providing regular updates to a search. Also called 'current awareness'.
Selective Dissemination of Information: enables you to store a search profile and let it run automatically each time a new update of a database is loaded.
Selective Dissemination of Information, A system by which a user is supplied with information on subjects of his/her interest on an ongoing process
exually ransmitted nfection, this term replaces the older term Sexually Transmitted Disease, any infection that can be transmitted by sex between partners.
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Saab Direct Ignition
Systems Developments & Integration
Spatial Data Infrastructure. a term that describes the fundamental spatial datasets, the standards that enable them to be integrated, the distribution network to provide access to them, the policies and administrative principles that ensure compatibility between jurisdictions and agencies, and the people including user, provider and value adder who are interested at a certain level of area that starts at a local level and proceeds through state, national and regional levels to global level. This has resulted in the development of the SDI concept at these levels.
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SCUBA Diving International.
State Director of Instruction - The person in charge of instruction across the state. The SDI schedules instructors to teach at the various clinics across the state. Contact the SDI.
Specially designed instruction. Refers to the special methods, equipment, materials, and adaptations that are needed for a student to be successful in school and achieve IEP goals. This is written on the IEP and tells everyone who works with the child how to help him/her to learn.
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Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Sanitation Deficiency Inventory
Simplified Declaration (Imports)
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Steel Deck Institute.
Notifying individual users about materials that will interest them.
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State Disability Insurance.