Definitions for "Diving"
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a dangerous sport and this document is no substitute for proper training
a fascinating activity, where you can meet nice people and at the same time, open the door to a whole different world that you were not aware of
Diving is a method of flying usually performed over water, typically with the purpose of swiftly catching a fish or other aquatic food. Belted Kingfishers are often seen diving for fish over wide rivers and lakes. If you're lucky you may even get to see one of these birds emerge from its endeavor victorious, with a shiny wet fish in bill. Another famous bird which is known for its diving capability is the Peregrine Falcon. This falcon is capable of diving downwards at speeds approaching 200 mph! Needless to say it is the fastest bird in Aves and one of the most remarkable to watch.
a dream job, and the opportunities are endless
a fun and exciting adventure that will take you to places that you may have never dreamed possible
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A player who attempts to draw a penalty by his deliberately falling (2).
Diving (or simulation - the term used by FIFA) in the context of football is an attempt by a player to gain an unfair advantage by diving to the ground and possibly simulating an injury, to appear as if a foul has been committed. Dives are often used to exaggerate the amount of contact present in a challenge. Deciding on whether a player has dived is very subjective, and one of the most controversial aspects of football discussion.
Diving is a term used in Hockey to describe the way a player tries to get the attention of the Referee by embellishing an infraction from an opposing player in an attempt to draw a penalty. In the NHL, any player called for diving will receive a 2-minute minor penalty for the infraction, as well as a $1,000 fine. Usually, diving is called alongside another penalty to an opposing player.
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a popular pastime for Kiwis and
Neurology Topical Toxicology
an athletic competition that involves diving into water
a headlong plunge into water
a great complement to windsurfing
a PADI resort and member of Quality Divers and a cooperation partner of Sinai Divers
a legitimate skill, one which is admired and applauded
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a lot of about buoyancy
a dive magazine which gives unbiased reviews on scuba equipment from all the manufacturers
an equipment intensive activity
a leader in dive training
a potentially high risk activity and should only be undertaken by appropraitely qualified people that have completed recognised training and certification
a physical activity, and can be strenuous at
a potentially hazardous activity, and
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Used by goalkeepers to save a shot on goal.
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When the forks compress very quickly. Mostly occurs when braking hard for a corner.
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Neuronal Urinary
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a major attraction on the north shore with both boat and shore dives available
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a position of trust
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a company founded and run by divers
That dives or is used or diving.