Definitions for "Toxicology"
The science which treats of poisons, their effects, antidotes, and recognition; also, a discourse or treatise on the science.
Study of the adverse effects of chemicals on health.
The study of the chemistry and effects of poisonous substances and the treatment of poisoning.
The trade market is made up of users who apply paint to domestic, commercial and public buildings as part or all their business. They include firms of painters and decorators, specialist painting contractors, as well as painters employed by local authorities and companies. They are supplied through paint merchants or manufacturers' own trade centres. Some users are supplied direct from the paint manufacturer, and some also buy from retail outlets. Although there is some use of retail brands, most professional painters work more quickly and DIY painters, and buy specialist brands formulated for trade use. Brush or roller generally applies paint but spraying may coat large areas.
Evaluation of the safety profile of a drug.
The investigation of toxic characteristics of potential drug candidates.