Definitions for "antidote"
A remedy to counteract the effects of poison, or of anything noxious taken into the stomach; -- used with against, for, or to; as, an antidote against, for, or to, poison.
Whatever tends to prevent mischievous effects, or to counteract evil which something else might produce.
To counteract or prevent the effects of, by giving or taking an antidote.
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Antidote was the first album by the Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated hip-hop group Deadly Venoms. It was never released because of label politics. Its catalog number is 540 962.
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a medicine that does the opposite of what the nerve gas did
an injection of atropine, a powerful drug, which is rather dangerous if you haven't actually had any nerve gas
A daemon for detecting ARP spoofing on a network & alerting appropriately.
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To fortify or preserve by an antidote.
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Heavy Metal Pound
means a treatment for chemical over-exposure which is specific (more or less) to the chemical or class of chemicals, in contrast to supportive treatment which maintains body functions.