Definitions for "Braking"
We do three panic stops each from 60 and 80 mph. Reported stopping distances are the average of these three runs. To measure the distance we use our GPS-based RaceLogic 100Hz VBOXIII. The end of our brake run is clear: It's where the vehicle stops. However, the beginning of the braking is difficult to assign. We use a deceleration threshold of -0.30g (as opposed to simply when the pedal is hit). As this is rarely at exactly 60 or 80 mph we interpolate/extrapolate to yield the distances reported. ABS makes this a simple test to perform: Just mash the pedal. However, we occasionally test cars without ABS, and typically such braking distances are considerably longer.
A method of stopping or reducing the time required to stop an ac or dc motor, which can be accomplished in several ways including: dynamic braking, regenerative braking, and friction braking.
Using the power of the kite to slow down or stop when buggying.