Definitions for "Tunicate"
marine invertebrates that are also chordates (Phylum Chordata). They have a sac-like body and don't move because they attach to the bottom or a surface (like boats and docks). They're commonly called sea squirts.
sea quirts - generally sessile marine animals which may be solitary or live in colonies, and which filter water through their bodies to obtain food.
primitive marine animal having a saclike unsegmented body and a urochord (a notochord) conspicuous in the larva
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Covered with a tunic; covered or coated with layers; as, a tunicated bulb.
( tunicate) - A type of bulb that has a thin papery covering on the outside.
Having each joint buried in the preceding funnel-shaped one, as in certain antennæ of insects.
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A worm-like animal often found attached to rocks and pilings in shallow water. During their free-swimming larval stage, they are a food for young salmon.
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Having a tunic, or mantle; of or pertaining to the Tunicata.
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One of the Tunicata.