Definitions for "Crab"
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The oar blade gets twisted at an angle and gets caught; this is a stroke that goes bad and when really bad can catapult the rower right out of the boat.
Action caused by turning of the oar blade so that it is trapped under water and cannot be removed at the release.
occurs when an oarsman's blade jams in the water and he/she finds it impossible to get the oar out of the water at the end of the pull-through. An "over-the-head" crab denotes a crab where the oarsman's blade gets jammed in the water and the handle of the blade swings around toward bow past the oarsman and becomes stuck in a position parallel to the shell.
One of the brachyuran Crustacea. They are mostly marine, and usually have a broad, short body, covered with a strong shell or carapace. The abdomen is small and curled up beneath the body.
A claw for anchoring a portable machine.
a creature that lives in water and has a hard shell, eight legs, and two claws or pinchers.
A movable winch or windlass with powerful gearing, used with derricks, etc.
A form of windlass, or geared capstan, for hauling ships into dock, etc.
Winch used for raising leeboards and fitted with a barrel for attaching staysail sheets, etc.
To point the model's nose into a crosswind by using the rudder to move the model sideways and prevent it from being blown off course.
Camera movement where the camcorder operator moves sideways while shooting.
direct (an aircraft) into a crosswind
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The squadron Operations Officer.
The squadron Ops. Officer.
The condition caused by failure to orient the camera with respect to the track of the airplane; indicated in vertical photography by the sides of the photographs not being parallel to the principal point baseline (flightline).
The condition caused by failure to correctly position the camera with respect to the airplane's line of flight.  This results in the angular displacement of the photographic axis relative to the flight line.
(1) aerial photography: The condition caused by failure to orient the camera so that the axis is perpendicular to the long dimension of the film and is parallel to the track of the aeroplane. This is indicated in vertical photography by the sides of the photographs not being parallel to the principal-point base line. (2) air navigation: Any turning of an aeroplane which causes its longitudinal axis to vary from the track of the plane.
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To make sour or morose; to embitter.
Sour; rough; austere.
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a quarrelsome grouch
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The zodiacal constellation Cancer.
(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer
the fourth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about June 21 to July 22
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To drift sidewise or to leeward, as a vessel.
A crab is a maneuver used to eliminate the drift of an aircraft caused by wind. The pilot will offset the heading of the aircraft from the desired track by a calculated amount, and the aircraft's velocity combined with the wind through vector addition will give a net movement in the desired direction.
a type of scratch turntablists use, involving flickering the crossfader between your thumb and your fingers, starting with the pinky and ending with the index
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complain; "What was he hollering about?"
In cryptography, Crab is a block cipher created by Burt Kaliski and Matt Robshaw in 1993. Not really intended for use, Crab was developed to demonstrate how ideas from hash functions could be used to create a fast cipher.
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Slang for a ‘carabiner'.
A machine used in ropewalks to stretch the yarn.
A slow-motion machine, worked by a crank for the purpose of winding a rope upon a drum, thereby raising a heavy weight.
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A cudgel made of the wood of the crab tree; a crabstick.
C run-time anchor block. part of the C execution framework, which contains constants and other information used by both the compiled code and the library. a general-purpose programming language based on C. In addition to the facilities provided by C, C++ provides additional data types, classes, operator and function name overloading, references, type conversions, and additional library facilities.
See C run-time anchor block (CRAB).
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A term used by the Japanese in reference to the PRF Decider VT.
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Purpose of the Crab is to help you to deal with drastic change. (Crystal that was growing in one direction and changed direction of growth because of an Earth shift, Up to 90 degrees)
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infests the pubic region of the human body
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A crab apple; -- so named from its harsh taste.
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To beat with a crabstick.
County Road Administration Board
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To fight.
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fish for crab
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See Core Crab