Definitions for "Overloading"
Overloading is the process of implementing several methods with the same return type and name, but different numbers and/or types of parameters.
Overloading of methods or operators occurs when a new action is bound to a name in a dream, thereby hiding the old binding. When the dream finishes, the old binding is restored, thereby making the original meaning visible again.
The ability to define functions of the same name, but different function signatures, within an object or inheritance hierarchy. When a call to the function is made, the function with the matching signature is invoked.
Periodization Petrissage
Excessive loading of the vessel causing instability, limited maneuverability, dangerously reduced freeboard, etc.
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Giving a piece more duties (usually in defence) than it can cope with. Abbreviation for a pawn.
Overloading is a chess tactic in which a defensive piece is given an additional assignment which it cannot complete without abandoning its original assignment.
Conditions of a source of electrical power when more poer is drawn from it than the source can supply continously without overheating or damage.
Selling an individual more insurance than his or her insurable worth justifies or for an amount of premium greater than the applicant's ability to pay.
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See routine overloading.