Definitions for "Recursion"
Pertains to a subroutine or function that directly or indirectly references itself.
When a subprogram calls itself.
The facility of a programming language to be able to call functions from within themselves.
The process of solving a large problem by reducing it to one or more subproblems, which are solved in similar fashion.
The process of defining or expressing a function or procedure in terms of itself. Each level of a recursive-solution procedure produces a simpler (or possibly smaller) version of the problem than originally posed. This process continues until a subproblem whose answer is already known is obtained. A surprisingly large number of symbolic and numerical problems lend themselves to recursive formulations.
a reduction of a problem to another (typically smaller) instance of the same problem
Recursion (2004) is Tony Ballantyne's first novel. It is in the science fiction genre and follows three separate characters and their stories in a futuristic dystopia.
1) An expression, such as a polynomial, each term of which is determined by application of a formula to preceding terms. 2) A formula that generates the successive terms of a recursion.
The process of generating a sequence (or pattern) from a given first term by applying a rule to obtain any succeeding term from the preceding term (Lesson 1.2).
(1.) Using a function to define itself. (2.) Performing an operation in several steps, with each step using the output of the preceding step.
Given some starting information and a rule for how to use it to get new information, the rule is then repeated using the new information.
patterns of relationship or interaction repeat or are 'self-similar' at different scales; permits simplification of otherwise complex processes; an R5 principle for assessment of effectiveness and relevance
(mathematics) an expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation
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If this option is set to Yes, and a DNS query requests recursion, then the server will attempt to do everything required to answer the query. If this option is set to No and the server does not already know the answer, it will return a referral response.
The repetition of a data-processing algorithm until a pre-set threshold is reached.
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The number of levels of rules in a context-free grammar.
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When something refers to itself.
(Spatial User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
When an element of a system (such as in computer programming) is embedded within itself.
A programming term describing a process that defers its operations as it runs, growing in memory size. Once all operations are deferred, there is a computation...
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A relationship that connects an entity or table to itself.
Response modeling techniques Risk Response Controls
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The act of recurring; return.
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The definition of an operation in terms of itself.
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Relation or object which is based on itself.
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see: Recursion
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See recursive.