Definitions for "PRF"
Plastics Recovery Facility. A facility that receives recyclable plastics and then separates, removes contamination, sorts by resin type and color, condenses, and stores the segregated plastic types. Sorted plastic bottles and containers are then Baled and shipped to recycling markets. (Q & A: Plastics Recovery Facility fact sheet, The Garten Foundation, 1994).
Preferences (file name extension) [Grammatik IV
Preferences File (various) or dBase IV Printer Driver Profiler Output
Protective Return Fund
PHARE Revolving Fund
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Proof. Type of coin production and / or Grade 60 -70 on the Sheldon grading scale.
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Pseudo-Random Function
Abbreviation for the Pacific Rim Forces faction.
Program Revenue-Federal
Program revenues-Federal; consist of revenues received by the state from the Federal government in support of programs and projects operated by the Department or in reimbursement for the cost of services provided through programs operated by the Department.
Practice Review Facilitator
Proposal Review Form
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Prescription Record Form