Definitions for "Profiler"
A type of Doppler radar that measures both wind speed and direction from 1,500 feet up through 55,000 feet in the atmosphere.
An instrument designed to measure horizontal winds directly above its location, and thus measure the vertical wind profile. Profilers operate on the same principles as Doppler radar.
a Doppler radar with radar beams directed vertically and a few degrees off zenith
A program that helps to figure out where a program is spending most of its time. It may also help to discover how it is using memory, how many of what sorts of object, resolve performance issues, performance bottlenecks.
A tool used to analyse which parts of a program are most computationally significant.
A tool that analyzes how much time a program spends on different code sections.
a criminologist who studies a criminal 's behavior for clues to psychology to aid in capturing them
an individual who uses various techniques to interpret a crime scene, crime behaviours
a person who specializes in developing a specific set of factors to help police catch a repeat criminal, be it a murderer, an armed robber or a rapist
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Refer Cold Planing.
A G2 utility that allows you to determine which elements of your KB are consuming computational resources.