Definitions for "Drastic"
Acting rapidly and violently; efficacious; powerful; -- opposed to bland; as, drastic purgatives.
A violent purgative. See Cathartic.
Acts as violent purgative
Drastic is a hip-hop artist/producer who hails from South Bermondsey, South East London, United Kingdom. Best known for his hit videos My Ends (No.2 2004 Channel U Most Requested Video) and My Ends Remix feat. Juvenile & Shadie and Baby Blue (both taken from his 2005 release Upward/Forward : The Mixtape Vol. 01), Drastic has also produced a large body of work that consists of collaborations with and production/remix credits for the likes of Alicia Keys, Nas, Asher D, Kele Le Roc, Face of So Solid, Harry Brooks, 3LW, MC Romeo, Flirta D, SWV, G.Kid of Unorthodox, Juvenile & Shadie, Crazy Titch, eXodus, and Clueless.
Distributed Resilient Architecture with Scalable Technology for Incremental Change EPSRC project
a standardized system for evaluating ground water pollution potential using hydrologic settings. It was developed by the EPA and involves the mapping of relative ratings of pollution potential.
forceful and extreme and rigorous; "drastic measures"
severe or radical in nature; extreme