Definitions for "Looping"
An in-studio technique matching, synchronizing voice to picture.
see automatic dialogue replacement
An in-studio technique used to fix dialogue already performed during principal photography by matching voice to picture.
This is a negative occurrence and is when packets return to a node that was previously visited.
A test procedure in which the received signal returns to its source.
Referring to the video inputs on a device such as a switcher or quad. The input is not terminated and has provisions to continue the video line, normally two BNC connectors are present on the rear of the device making it possible to connect the video signal to additional devices. The looping of a video signal should be limited to a few devices depending on distance between devices.
Erratic stitch construction-often due to improper top-thread tension-resulting in loops on the surface of the embroidery.
Loops on the embroidery surface generally caused by poor top tension or tension problems. Typically occurs when polyester top thread has been improperly tensioned.
Looping is the process of repeating a portion of a sample over and over in order to create a sustaining sound. The looped sound will continue as long as the key is depressed. A sound is usually looped during a point in its evolution where the harmonics and amplitude are relatively static in order to avoid pops and glitches in the sound.
The repetition of a group of segments in a standard data format message set.
The repeating of a series of frames. For GIF animations this is an attribute that can be explicitly built in during their construction.
When the looping of the heart is formed early in developmental stages of the fetus.
Bending of the primitive heart tube (normally to the right, dextro, d-) that determines the atrio-ventricular relationship. d-loop morphologic right ventricle lies to the right of the morphologic left ventricle (normal rightward bend). l-loop morphologic right ventricle lies to the left of the morphologic left ventricle (leftward bend).
An approach in which a teacher and his/her students spend two years together. For example, a group of fourth-graders has one teacher for fourth and fifth grades. Then, when those students move on to sixth grade, the teacher moves back and picks up another group of fourth-graders.
Practice where teachers from one grade level advance to the next along with their class. Teachers return to the original grade level with a new group of students after a cycle of two or more years.
An informal term for assigning students to the same teacher for more than one school year. Looping is rare in the United States, but is common in some parts of Europe and becoming more popular in the United States. Advocates say it helps teachers know their students and provides for more continuous learning.
A paralleling of an existing pipeline by another line over the whole length or any part of it to increase capacity.
Laying additional pipeline beside and connected to an existing pipeline in order to increase the capacity of the system.
Playing back data repeatedly.
The process in which file-based content is played repeatedly until encoding is completed. Looping ensures that you have no interruption in the stream as a result of reaching the end of a file before completing a broadcast or capture session.
The phenomenon during unstable atmospheric conditions caused by the presence of large convective turbulent motions where a smoke plume waves upward and downward like a garden hose. Compare coning, fanning, lofting.
Combining of adjacent squares in a Karnaugh map containing 1s for purpose of simplification of a sum-of-products expression.
In Final Cut Pro, when you turn looped playback on, clips and sequences will loop back to the beginning whenever the playhead reaches the end of the media.
Continuous, automatic stepping through a sequence of image and/or graphics frames, much like a movie loop.
The running together of the matter of an ore into a mass, when the ore is only heated for calcination.
(computer science) executing the same set of instructions a given number of times or until a specified result is obtained; "the solution is obtained by iteration"
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The term used to describe a website that will not allow exit.