Definitions for "Sound Effects"
Any number of uses of sound other than music or dialogue.
Special effects using sound to suggest a story element such as background, time, place, character, etc. Also used to heighten and intensify action or evoke an emotional response.
Sounds like door closings, wind, etc. added to film or video shots; sounds other than dialogue, narration or music.
Contrived audio, usually prerecorded, incorporated with a video soundtrack to resemble the real thing.
All of the sounds that are needed for a film. Theses are usually prerecorded. The sounds can be adjusted in volume control to accommodate the needed effect. They are usually used in places where real sounds are not available. The term Ambient sound is used to create an atmospheric effect. Birds chirping, water flowing down stream, street sounds, etc.
Audio prerecorded or created live to provide a sense of realism and believability to the video.
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WAV and MP3 files
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Sounds added during post-production by the sound crew.