Definitions for "music fan This"
a beautiful album
a fantastic album
a good album and if you like Mf Doom's style you will no doubt like this
a fine recording by a wonderful group
a wonderful, upbeat CD for you to practice those moves to and deserves to be in every salsa dancer's collection
a timeless classic which brought Vivaldi into the popular music arena long before Nigel Kennedy ever picked up a bow
a fabulous compilation, with the best pieces of the egyptian rhythm master Ramzy
a great compilations of the Brothers Cazimero's past recordings
Keywords:  terrific, ron, sample, older, work
a terrific sample CD of some of Ron's older work
an outstanding CD from an exceptionally talented musician
a very fresh sound, those who bought it purely for the singles may dissapointed but if you want to know how hip-hop SHOULD sound then this is it
Keywords:  gutsy, perfect, pop, commercial, record
a perfect pop record commercial yet gutsy
a collection of the greatest performances in history
a must-have CD