Definitions for "Soundtrack"
Keywords:  voiceover, dialogue, album, film, music
Runs lengthwise on film adjacent to the edges of the image frames and inside the perforations.
In principle, soundtrack usually refers to the entire sound content of a movie - music and voice. It is often the case, however, that a film soundtrack refers exclusively to the film's music.
a strip along the side of the film which contains optical coding of sound
a possibility, but Isaak admits "first they've got to see if anybody watches
Keywords:  distraction, enhancement
a distraction rather than an enhancement
Keywords:  tunes, idea, fine, great, especially
a great idea, especially with such fine tunes
Keywords:  perfect, opportunity, break
a perfect opportunity for said break
Keywords:  chart, combination, powered, high
a combination of high-powered chart
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(n) See track.