Definitions for "Line out"
a little like a jumpball in basketball
a little like a jump ball in basketball
A play where two single file lines are formed by both teams after the ball goes out of touch. A player from the team that did not take it out throws the ball back in from the touch line between the two lines. This brings the ball back into play and determines which team receives the ball.
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An output jack that sends out a line level signal.
Connections used to feed the signal on to other amplifiers. Also known as daisy-chaining.
An analog I/O port for a sound device that allows a device to send a line-level audio signal. This is opposed to an amplified signal on a speaker out port....
Good technique where trampolinist neatly places arms beside body on completion of shape phase, or whilst twisting.
Allows connection of the karaoke mixer/hardware to other systems (p.a.'s, home studios, etc.)
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After the skill has been executed, placing the arms by the side of the body and preparing for the next skill.