Definitions for "Wireless microphone"
A microphone that uses a radio transmitter either inside the case of the microphone or worn as a small body pack. This radio transmitter sends the signal from the actual microphone to a receiver a short distance away so that there doesn't have to be any wires that tie down the user of the microphone.
A microphone with an FM radio transmitter inside of its case that transmits a signal to an FM receiver off of the stage area.
The wireless microphone is made up of two parts, the transmitter and the receiver. Both parts are required for the unit to function properly. You will use it to record audio when you record your video sessions with the camcorder. The wireless mic system requires one double A battery in the transmitter and receiver. Check your batteries often as this is one of the main problems why students don't have quality audio on their recordings.
a great addition to any event, as it permits flexibility with toasts, announcements and party highlights
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an example of "hard tech" or a specific tool that is used to fill a certain job