Definitions for "Announcements"
Folded cards or sheets of paper fitting matched envelopes and generally used for social stationery and announcements.
used to announce a birth, wedding, moving, graduation. They are usually a short announcement that those receiving can see at a glance.
A note to let others know about your special event. Typical announcements are for adoption, baptism / Christening, engagement, moving / change of address, graduation and pregnancy.
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Any statement issued by a company after an AGM or EGM which advises the companyâ€(tm)s intent to carry out a corporate action that affects shareholder value.
Information displayed on my WebCT from the administrator.
This is the part of the eBay community where eBay itself posts recent news of enhancements, promotions and penalties.
A tool used to inform site participants of current items of interest, such as a schedule or policy change. Announcements can have multiple attachments, such as documents or URLs, and they can be automatically emailed to all site participants. More...
See Site announcements
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