Definitions for "TBA"
Abbreviation of 'to be advised'
TBA is a term used in the Schedule of Classes to indicate that more information is available from advisors or faculty about the course. Frequently, TBA indicates a flexibly scheduled course that allows students to attend class at times of their own choosing. Usually, classes with the TBA designation are offered on a self-paced basis or via the Internet. When TBA is found in the instructor column of the schedule, the course had not yet been assigned to a particular instructor at the time the schedule went to print.
See To Be Advised
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Tetrabutyl ammonium
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Thomson-Brandt Armaments (France)
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Tertiary (Tert) Butyl Alcohol
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all tumor bearing animals, general literature
all tumor bearing animals, NCI/NTP
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nnounced; check back at a later date.
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Tires, batteries and accessories.
Texas Bankers Association. An industry association comprised of Texas banks.
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contract for the purchase or sale of a MBS to be delivered at an agreed-upon future date but does not include a specified pool number and number of pools or precise amount to be delivered.
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To Be Answered
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Traditional Birth Attendant
When class time and location are determined by the department.