Definitions for "Course numbers"
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Credit courses have a course number that includes letters and numbers (e.g. WR 121, ART 115). Pre-college credit courses have course numbers below 100, and do not transfer to a 4-year institution. Professional-technical credit courses count toward Associate of Applied Science degrees or certificates. A limited number of Professional-technical credits may count as electives for transfer degrees. Professional-technical course prefixes may be found here Non-credit course numbers have letters and numbers in the format XART 5785. The “X” before the subject and the four-digit numbers identify the course as non-credit.
All courses offered through The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education have a unique course ID beginning with the letter “C” followed by three letters and three numbers. The letters indicate the subject area (e.g., ACC for Accounting courses) and the catalog numbers identify the specific course. Two-term courses have a two-digit catalog number followed by “A/B” (e.g., CNUR 80A/B). Many but not all continuing education courses are the same as those offered in Ryerson full- and/or part-time and, upon approval, may be used as transfer credits in Ryerson degree/diploma programs or at other universities. Exceptions are courses beginning with the letters CW, CX, and CY, which are either certificate credit only or non-credit (having no full- or part-time program equivalent). The credit designation of each course is clearly indicated next to the course title, and equivalencies (if applicable) are stated at the end of the course description.
Every course is designated by a rubric and course number. The rubric is a 2, 3, or 4 letter designation for the department and study area. As examples, BIOL is the rubric for biology courses, POLS is the rubric for political science courses, and PM is the rubric for Public Management courses. The rubric is followed by a four digit number. The number is specific for each course and designates the level of the course. Freshman courses are numbered 1000-1999, sophomore courses are labeled 2000-2999, junior courses are labeled 3000-3999, senior courses are labeled 4000-4999, and graduate courses are labeled 5000-6999.