Definitions for "Envelopes"
Keywords:  wallet, bavarian, liners, flap, pocket
Wallet - opening on the long edge. Pocket - opening on the short edge. Window - an envelope with a window. Non-window - an envelope with no window. Full-face envelope - an envelope with no window.
Bavarian Flap Envelopes – (see Bavarian Flap Envelopes) Double Envelopes – (see Double Envelopes) French Flap Envelopes – (see French Flap Envelopes) Inner Envelopes – (see Double Envelopes) Liners – (see Liners below) Outer Envelopes – (see Double Envelopes) Single Envelopes – (see Single Envelopes) Square Envelopes – (see Square Envelopes) Wallet Flap Envelopes – (see Wallet Flap Envelopes)
While Bollinger Bands place boundary lines based on standard deviation, envelopes place lines at fixed percentage points above and below a moving average line. The upper and lower limits specify entry and exit points for traders.
Also known as trading band. Envelopes are lines that are placed at fixed percentages above and below a moving average line. Envelopes help determine when a market has traveled too far from its moving average and is overextended.
Envelopes is an indie/pop band consistently likened to Australian band Architecture in Helsinki. Envelopes, with members hailing from Sweden and France consists of Henrik Orrling, Audrey Pic, Fredrik Berglind-Dehlin, Filip Ekander and Martin Karlsson.
Email messages are stored in electronic "envelopes" while they are being moved from place to place by various email programs. Envelopes are used only by programs; users see only the header and body of a message.