Definitions for "Wedding Ceremony"
Keywords:  love, sacred, proclamation, rite, unity
a presentation of your love and commitment to one another and as such, it should represent both of you
a proclamation to family and friends of a unique relationship, a relationship of sharing life and mutually gifting one another with love
a significant event in the lives of two people, a sacred rite to celebrate your love, unity, harmony and the beginning of a new life together
Keywords:  kallah, chosson, sheva, yichud, bedekin
the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed
an occasion when two people who have agreed to live together as a couple officially declare to the community that the union they are now entering is legal and binding
a once in a lifetime event - your once in a lifetime event
a pageant of sorts, and usually includes romantic imagery
a particular physical action, an emotional experience, in addition to a particular spiritual bond this involves most individuals
a physical action, an emotional experience, and a spiritual bond that involves many people
a religious service of worship, and will be crafted as such
Keywords:  outward, form
an outward form
Keywords:  reflection, feelings, you
a reflection of the feelings you