Definitions for "Honeymoon"
The first month after marriage.
A vacation taken together by a newly married couple, usually including a trip away from home.
Any initial period of harmony after two or more people or organizations begin working together; as, the usual honeymoon for a newly elected president was cut short by resumption of partisan sniping over the budget.
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Not the wedding type, but used to refer to periods when your cat spontaneously begins producing insulin again, either for a short time or for years. As far as I know, cats are the only animals that do this. Obviously, if your cat is producing its own insulin, it won't need its injections.
The period of time right after surgery in which the weight falls off relatively easy without much care. Usually lasts between 12 and 18 months. Then people have to work at weight loss. However for some people it is a far shorter time.
an important part of your wedding
the early usually calm and harmonious period of a relationship; business or political
Period shortly after an election, especially a presidential election, during which the winning candidate enjoys a surge in public and political support.
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an important milestone, marking the
Honeymoon is the twenty-second episode of the first season of House and the twenty-second episode overall.
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a cease-fire, not a declaration
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an investment in