Definitions for "Bolus"
A rounded mass of anything, esp. a large pill.
A mass of chewed food that is ready to be swallowed.
a small, round lump or mass of chewed food.
A suppository shaped lozenge intended for use in the vagina or rectum. May be used to pull out toxic substances or to carry healing herbs. Generally made with a carrier herb such as slippery elm and a solid fat, they are cooled until they can be shaped, and then allowed to harden at room temperature. The fat melts at body temperature, allowing the herbs to come in contact with tissues and then run out.
an herbal suppository inserted in the vagina or rectum
a suppository poultice used for vaginal or rectal application; made by mixing powdered herb material in melted cocoa butter or similar base and hand-forming suppositories as the matrix cools.
A larger amount of insulin given at one time.
Insulin pump users can deliver a specific amount of insulin in order to correct a high blood sugar or to eat a meal. Best 4 Diabetes can record the following types of boluses: Correction Bolus. A bolus used to correct a high sugar episode. Normal Bolus. A bolus delivered all at once used to absorb glucose from a meal. Square Bolus. A bolus delivered over time used to absorb glucose from a meal. Dual Bolus. A bolus with both a Normal and a Square component.
a burst of insulin that is delivered by injection or by the insulin
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Insufflation Psychotherapy
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feeding given over a short period of time ranging from a few minutes to half an hour
a set amount of formula run down the feeding tube at specific times during the day
a term that is used to describe any type of fluid that is put in through a tube in a fairly quick way. This can describe IV fluids or milk that is put down a feeding tube.
A custom-made block positioned beyond the aperture. The contours and thickness of the block conform the beam to the shape of the far edge of the target.
A material of density nearly equivalent to tissue which may be utilized on the surface of the patient within the treatment beam to compensate for uneven body contours or to enhance the build up of electrons on the surface of the skin.
A tissue-equivalent material used to change the surface distribution of a radiation beam.
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A ball of soil which has had water added.
A small handful of soil which has been moistened and kneaded into a soil ball which just fails to stick to the fingers.
Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction Pump
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Large amount at once.