Definitions for "Carbohydrate"
One of a group of compounds including the sugars, starches, and gums, which contain six (or some multiple of six) carbon atoms, united with a variable number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but with the two latter always in proportion as to form water; as dextrose, C6H12O6.
One of the three main constituents of foods. Carbohydrates are composed mainly of sugars and starches.
Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen containing biomolecules with a formula of (CH2O)n, that is carbon is hydrated, hence the name. Chemically, it is an aldehyde or ketone derivative of a polyhydric alcohol, particularly of penta- and hexahydric alcohols. The most important carbohydrates are starches, sugars, cellulose, and gums.
Laryngectomy Spasmodic
Intrathecal Spasmodic
a polyhydroxyl ketone or polyhydroxyl aldehyde or a polymer composed of these.
a member of a large class of naturally occuring polyhydroxy ketones and aldehydes
Niacin Thermoregulation
Membrane Thermoregulation
Localization Sclerosis
Intravenous Staphylococcus
Intravenous Sclerosis
Immunization Sinusitis
Lipoprotein Sinusitis
Neural Steroid
Neural Sporadic
Incubation Steroid
Keywords:  iodine, rickets, recombinant
Iodine Rickets
Iodine Recombinant
Intermittent Stents
Intermittent Semen
Intermittent Reflux
Infiltration Regeneration
Infiltration Remission
Hypertension Receptor
Intraepithelial Receptor
Inflammation Receptor
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Keywords:  malathion, scabies
Malathion Scabies
Keywords:  laminin, serine
Laminin Serine
Keywords:  keratitis
Insulin Predisposition
Insulin Prolactin
Infarction Psychoneuroimmunology
Lymphadenopathy Tachycardia
Keywords:  lacrimal, sedimentation
Lacrimal Sedimentation
Keywords:  retinol, mandible
Mandible Retinol
Keywords:  riboflavin
Keywords:  symptomatic
Keywords:  loratadine, squamous
Loratadine Squamous
Keywords:  ileostomy, rectal
Ileostomy Rectal
Keywords:  spasticity
Hyperthyroidism Prosthesis
Keywords:  ischemia, salicylates
Ischemia Salicylates
Keywords:  sclera
Keywords:  prolapse, hyperplasia
Hyperplasia Prolapse
Heredity Psychophysiology
Keywords:  retrospective
Keywords:  idiopathic
Molecular Registries
Lipid Registries
Institutionalization Registries
Leukemia Rhabdomyosarcoma
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Feb 8, 11:52 AM EST
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Iritis Secretion
Inhalation Secretion
Lymphoma Secretion
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Intestines Saline
Intestinal Soaps
Intestinal Vomitus
Keywords:  spermicide, invasive
Invasive Spermicide
Incontinence Presynaptic
Keywords:  refractory, lethal
Lethal Refractory
Keywords:  somatotropin, lobe
Lobe Somatotropin
Keywords:  relapse, interstitial
Interstitial Relapse
Keywords:  keratectomy, refraction
Keratectomy Refraction
Keywords:  rheumatoid
Keywords:  saliva
Keywords:  regurgitation, induction
Induction Regurgitation
Immunohistochemistry Sensitization
Keywords:  inoperable, randomized
Inoperable Randomized
Keywords:  impotence, pulmonary
Impotence Pulmonary
Keywords:  ketamine, stimulant
Ketamine Stimulant
Keywords:  resorption, immunity
Immunity Resorption
Keywords:  insomnia, relaxant
Insomnia Relaxant
Keywords:  sanitation
Keywords:  sarcoma, liver
Liver Sarcoma
Keywords:  ingestion
Keywords:  semantics
Hybridization Prevalence
Keywords:  infusion, semen
Infusion Semen
Keywords:  proximal
Catabolic Central Nervous System (CNS)
Keywords:  lymphocytic
Keywords:  incision, skull
Incision Skull
Keywords:  respiratory, irritants
Irritants Respiratory
Keywords:  malignant, surgical
Malignant Surgical
Keywords:  implantation
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kilometer scale leaves
Keywords:  spectrum
Keywords:  rigidity, indicative
Indicative Rigidity
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a member of a large class of natural organic substances
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See Plant Carbohydrate.
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