Definitions for "Inulin"
A substance of very wide occurrence. It is found dissolved in the sap of the roots and rhizomes of many composite and other plants, as Inula, Helianthus, Campanula, etc., and is extracted by solution as a tasteless, white, semicrystalline substance, resembling starch, with which it is isomeric, having fructose units in place of most of the glucose units. It is intermediate in nature between starch and sugar, and replaces starch as the reserve food in Compositae. Called also dahlin, helenin, alantin, alant starch, etc.
Fructose polymer freely filtered at glomerulus, not reabsorbed or secreted by renal tubules and non-toxic. Injected to measure glomerular filtration rate by clearance technique. See clearance.
Inulin is a natural dietary fiber found in many plants, one of which is the chicory root. Inulin is an excellent source of fiber which helps your digestive tract. Studies have also shown that inulin aids with the absorbtion of calcium and other minerals.
A polysaccharide of variable molecular weight (around 5 kD), that is a polymer of fructofuranose. Widely used as a marker of extracellularspace, an indicator of blood volume in insects (by measuring the dilution of the radio label) and in food for diabetics.
(FOS) - Improves the balance of friendly bacteria in the bowel