Definitions for "Infusion "
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The act of infusing, pouring in, or instilling; instillation; as, the infusion of good principles into the mind; the infusion of ardor or zeal.
The act or process of steeping or soaking any substance in water in order to extract its active principles.
The liquid extract obtained by this process.
The act of plunging or dipping into a fluid; immersion.
Fluid or medication given slowly into a vein.
the introducing of a solution epecially into a vein. For example; antibiotics, fluids, and blood products.
Information= Infusion is to be built at Pleasure Beach Blackpool for the 2007 season and is expected to be compleated for the spring of 2007. The rollercoaster is to be bulit in the same area from where the famous Log Flume once stood and is to be built over water.
Infusion is an inverted steel roller coaster under construction at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool in Blackpool. It was first built in 1999 as Traumatizer at nearby Pleasureland Southport. When Pleasureland closed in 2006, the ride was relocated to Blackpool and replaced the historic log flume, which was removed in 2006.
Infusion is an Australian electronica band from Melbourne who are known for their energetic live performances and long resumé of remixes. They are currently signed to the Sony BMG label. Founding members Jamie Stevens and Manuel Sharrad met in Wollongong, an industrial town outside Sydney where they both went to high school.
The process of immersing an object in the Stream with some spell. This is generally a nontrivial process and is done with some particular purpose in mind. For example, infused containers are used to preserve food. Infused devices can power small vehicles or be used in some weaponry. An infused object will lose its potency with use. Most infused items in Oghura come from Aurinon.
Infusion is a fully integrated communications client that gives you Internet e-mail, popup notes, a shared addressbook, instant messaging, and much more. It uses the Citadel/UX Communications System to connect your office together.
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an effective gargle in putrid sore-throat
Properly speaking the solid leaf that is left after decanting the liquor. The colour and form of the infusion can reveal much about the manufacturing conditions.
a relatively safe procedure that may improve vision in eyes with CRVO, the authors call for further investigation to determine how well the procedure actually improves the course of the condition
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a calming drink
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a plugin/module that extends the functionality of PHP-Fusion
the act of infusing or introducing a certain modifying element or quality; "the team's continued success is attributable to a steady infusion of new talent"
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That which is infused; suggestion; inspiration.
Single vessel heating used to break down the stored starches within the grain into fermentable sugars.
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an effective wound wash