Definitions for "Decanting"
Keywords:  pour, carafe, sediment, bottle, aerate
Pouring a wine directly from its bottle into a decanter in order to separate it of its sediment and to oxygenate it and liberate its aromas.
Slowly pouring a wine into a decanter can enhance and release the aroma of the wine. It helps to separate the sediment from the wine. It allows the wine to mix with the oxygen – extra aromas may be released, extra complexity may be gained and any "off" odours will disappear.
Boiling or pouring off liquid near the top of a vessel that contains two immiscible liquids or a liquid solid mixture which has separated by sedimentation, without disturbing the heavier liquid or settled solid.
The process whereby existing residents, either tenants or owners, are temporarily rehoused during the improvement of their original property. This can involve them being moved back into the original property after improvement or moved to another permanent home.
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Filling small oxygen cylinder from large oxygen cylinder