Definitions for "Racking"
Draining the wine off its lees into a fresh cask or vat.
Winemaker's term for the syphoning of wine from one fermentor to another, removing the wine from its lees.
The process of draining fermented wine from a tank in order to separate it from the sediment at the bottom, or for similarly separating grape juice from skins, etc.
1. A force that causes a structure to shift so that it is out of plumb. 2. Installation of bricks or other masonry units so that each course is stepped back from the previous one.
Method of installing shingles in a straight up the roof manner.
Roofing application method in which shingle courses are applied vertically up the roof rather than across and up. Typically, this is not a recommended procedure.
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A term referring to the side-to-side movement of the needles of the needle bed of a knitting machine. Racking results in inclined stitches and reduced elasticity.
The lateral movement of a needle bed or point bar across a predetermined distance on a flat knitting machine. (See also shog (weft knitting).)
Force exerted that twists the components of a joint in opposite directions.
1. Lateral stresses exerted on an assembly. 2. In bricklaying, the method of laying the end of a wall in a series of steps so when work is resumed at a later date, the bond will continue with the old construction easily.
To stretch or strain by force. Also diagonal wrinkles in flashing materials which indicate differential movement between deck and wall.
A machine and a process for orienting plastic materials. A racking machine orients material by continuously stretching the thick-walled, tubular tape in both directions, to form oriented, shrinkable film.
Generally caused by poor installation. The cabinet is twisted out of square resulting in poor door and drawer alignment and operation.
The twisting out of square of a cabinet door caused by uneven installation.
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Forcing out of plumb of structural components, usually by wind, seismic stress, or thermal expansion or contraction.
Force applied fore and aft to a chair.
A function performed by a rack-jobber, a full- function intermediary who performs all regular warehousing functions and some retail functions, typically stocking a display rack. Also a definition that is applied to the hardware which is used to build racks.
A misshaping of a system, component or frame caused when horizontal loads applied to vertical members displace the frame from the designed triangular of rectangular configuration.
The result of wind pressure, causing a conservatory to lean
causing great physical or mental suffering; "a wrenching pain"
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Spun yarn used in racking ropes.
A term used to describe the placing of parts to be heat treated on a rack or tray. This is done to keep parts in a proper position to avoid heat-related distortions and to keep parts separated. See fixturing.
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(See Focus-Through.)