Traditional French Champagne-making method. The second fermentation, which creates natural carbonation, occurs in the bottle in which the wine will be sold.
The method, developed in France's Champagne region, by which the finest sparkling wine is traditionally made. An expensive and time-consuming process, it results in complex, exciting wines with a delicate effervescence that would be unattainable through more industrial techniques. Initially, still wines are blended to arrive at the particular style of the winemaker or house, then sugar and special yeasts are added and the wine is bottled and stoppered.
French term for the costly, labour intensive method to make champagne, whereby wine undergoes a secondary fermentation inside the bottle, creating bubbles. The monk Dom Pérignon is credited with inventing this method.
Keywords:  cuv, heritage, merit, varieties, grapes
Combining the words “merit” and “heritage,” a cuvée made from several varieties of quality grapes.