Definitions for "exogenous"
derived from or originating outside; pertaining to, or having the character of, an exogen; -- the opposite of endogenous.
Growing by addition to the exterior; growing by addition of a new external layer of cells on the surface just beneath the bark; -- of plants.
caused by factors from outside the body, rather than from an abnormality of internal functions; -- of illness.
Oncogene Viral
Neuralgia Viral
Outpatients Viral
Osteomyelitis Torticollis
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Neoplastic Nephrology Thermoregulation
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Tryptophan Parathyroid Tyrosine
Neuromuscular Vasculitis
Osteoporosis Wheezing Otorhinolaryngology
formed from a superficial layer of the plant. An example would be the origin of axillary buds and branches in stems which arise just beneath the protoderm in the shoot apical meristem.
Growing from previously ossified parts; -- opposed to autogenous.
uncontrollable variables.
Exogenous variable Exotic option
See independent variable.
Neurotransmitter Urinary Niacin Uterus
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Neural Neurologic Vaccine
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Oral Vitreous
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foriegn; coming from a society other than the one being studied
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developing from without