Definitions for "Portfolio management"
allows projects to be brought on stream in a more timely way. This method entails ensuring that roading, alternatives to roading and passenger transport programmes are in alignment with the transport outcomes identified in regional land transport strategies, the New Zealand Transport Strategy and the National State Highway Strategy.
A business process by which a business unit decides on the mix of active projects, staffing and dollar budget allocated to each project, for example, the responsibility of an operations manager of a ...
The functions of resource planning and procurement under a traditional utility structure. Portfolio management can also be defined as the aggregation and management of a diverse portfolio of supply (and demand-reduction) resources which will act as a hedge against various risks that may affect specific resources (i.e., fuel price fluctuations and certainty of supply, common mode failures, operational reliability, changes in environmental regulations, and the risk of health, safety, and environmental damages that may occur as a result of operating some supply resources). Under a more market-driven power sector with a "power pool" or POOLCO wholesale market structure, a portfolio manager would: aggregate and manage a diverse portfolio of spot-market purchases, contracts-for-differences, futures contracts and other market-hedging-type contracts and mechanisms.
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Give all your money over to the stockbroker and say: "Here, go make me some money." It's one step up even from an advisory service. See Advisory Stockbroker.
Give all your money over to a stockbroker and say: "Here, go and make me some money." It's one step up from an advisory service, and will usually cost you a fee of 1 per cent a year or more on the value of your investments.
Structuring one's assets and liabilities to meet one's needs in terms of risk, competition, maturity schedules, and interest rates