Definitions for "Managed investment"
a unit trust which allows investors to pool their money with that of other investors so that the fund can buy a wide range of investments. These investments are managed by a professional fund manager who makes the investment decisions.
Investors' funds are pooled together to purchase a range of assets for a particular fund or trust. By pooling together small amounts they can be invested across a range of assets in the same asset class, or various asset classes, reducing the overall risk of market fluctuations. The fund is managed by an investment manager and management fees and charges are usually payable. Income earned is credited to the fund or trust.
A managed investment, also known as managed funds or unit trusts, pools together the funds from individual investors to purchase assets. Small amounts pooled are able to be diversified across a range of the same asset class or various asset classes to reduce overall risk of market fluctuations. By purchasing units in a managed investment, you harness the buying power of pooled funds and take advantage of professional investment expertise.