Definitions for "Cash management"
The management of daily-oriented financial needs, through holdings in cash or cash equivalents, as opposed to longer-term investments such as pension investments.
The way a county invests and otherwise handles the money in its treasury. Good cash management means investing available dollars to achieve good returns with an acceptable amount of risk, and maintaining effective oversight in the process.
Refers to the efficient management of cash in a business in order to put the cash to work more quickly and to keep the cash in applications that produce income, such as the use of lock boxes for payments.
Channeling available cash into expenditures that enhance productivity, directly or indirectly.
The strategy by which a company administers and invests its cash. Also, the control of cash collections.
A unit trust or investment trust where money from many investors is pooled to purchase a range of short term money market investments.
The process of organising finances in order to achieve spending goals.