Definitions for "savings account"
A deposit account at a bank or savings and loan which pays interest, but cannot be withdrawn by check writing.
An account established at a bank or credit union as a safe place for storing money. Interest is paid on deposited money and withdrawals can be made by visiting a bank teller or using an ATM card, if one is available. Minimum deposit amounts may be required in order to avoid fees.
An agreement between a financial institution and an individual, where the individual places his or her money with the financial institution in exchange for the financial institution's providing safekeeping and paying the individual interest.
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Securities and Exch. (SEC)
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a great lead-in to telling kids about investments
a great way to get started on a savings program
a low risk investment
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a cash asset
an asset, something you own
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a fine place
a place to save small amounts
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an example of a liquid asset