Definitions for "margin call"
A demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement; -- caused by the decline in market prices of a security or commodity purchased on margin{5}.
when one whose stock(s) that had been bought on margin decline below a required level in relation to the investor's own equity interest in the stocks, the investor must provide additional funds to meet the margin requirements.
A demand on the customer to deposit money or securities with the broker when a purchase is made or when the customer's equity in a margin account declines below a minimum standard set by an exchange or the firm.
A request by one counterpart for the initial margin to be reinstated or to restore the original cash/securities ratio to parity.
an urgent request given to a player by the B/B when their Short Sale Position exceeds twice their Cash Equity
A call made by a bookmaker to the bettor for cash to cover some or all of the bettor's exposure to loss.
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See Variation Margin.
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(See Performance Bond Call)