Definitions for "Buy-in"
The lowest cash sum required to join a poker game.
The amount of money needed to enter a game.
The amount of money it costs to play in a ring or a tournament.
The process whereby stakeholders, e.g. end-users as well as executives, come to see the goals of an organizational or change effort as their own; a key component in achieving change successfully.
refers to the acceptance by health care professionals, management and other Stakeholders of what the Client is attempting to accomplish. In the context of ICT integration, it is a vital element which will, in most cases, determine the success or failure of any system. If Stakeholders do not have an understanding of what is intended, Buy-in is not achieved. Digital works with the Client to develop 'champions' (knowledgeable Stakeholders who believe in what is to be accomplished). We have found that involving key Stakeholders in the development process at an early stage is tremendously beneficial to the Client and aids us in the integration of the ICT system. Because a health care system has several components, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to the services we provide. Our team of experienced physicians, lawyers, business and financial advisors, health care administrators, project managers, change management experts, educators, computer programmers and networking consultants are prepared to address all aspects of the Client's organization to maximize buy-in and enhance the success of the program.
If a lender recalls loaned securities from a borrower but the borrower is not able to return them in a line with either the lenders instructions or the normal market practice the lender may be forced to buy the securities4 (pls remove) in the open market. All the costs of the buy-in will be borne by the borrower.[ ] CARRY The differences between the interest return on the securities held and the financing costs. Any gain derived from holding or carrying a securities is known as a positive carry while any loss as a negative carry.
a procedure for settling a failed transaction
"To stock up" on securities ( securities purchase); mandatory purchase
Opportunity for travel incentive participants to purchase part of a trip if they do not fully qualify by sales performance.
An incentive travel program allowing participants to purchase a portion of the trip.
Submission of an offer, usually substantially below estimated costs, with the expectation of winning the contract.
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The process of committing to a concept or plan.
Take-over of a company by external management.