Definitions for "Remote control"
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The capabilities of receiver remotes can vary a lot from brand to brand, and even from model to model: Audio/video remotes can operate several audio/video components from the same manufacturer. Multibrand remotes (also called "universal" remotes) have pre-programmed codes for popular brands of gear. Learning remotes (also called "programmable" remotes) can be programmed to carry out specific commands from your other remotes. Some remotes have RF capability that lets you control your receiver from other rooms in your house — these are especially useful for use with dual-room/dual-source receivers. Another useful feature of some remotes is an LCD screen that aids in the navigation of system controls. A few of the most sophisticated remotes incorporate an LCD touchscreen that puts even greater system control at your fingertips via customizable control screens. For an overview of advanced remote features, see our article on remote controls.
Some AC units come with a remote control which allows you to change its settings from across the rooom, similar to a TV remote control.
Device that can be used to activate electronic irrigation valves from a given distance away from the irrigation controller.
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Remote management tools enable users to connect to outside machines and in this way establish an unauthorized and uninspected connections.
A computer program that allows a remote user to operate a computer over a computer network.
A space probe operated by commands sent from here on Earth (eg Pathfinder rover)
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a good thing to have and very cheap
a wonderful thing
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Device which operates electronic equipment from varying distances. Universal remote operates more than one component. IR remote requires direct line of sight not over 40 feet. UHF remote can send its signal through objects for up to 100 feet.
allows activating the camera from a short distance away
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a "clicker-box" that allows you to change TV channels without getting up
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a must as the engine is mounted rather low at the stern to keep her prop under water in rather high waves
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Security: A device that lets you arm and disarm the system away from the base.
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a Radio Frequency based remote
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See application sharing.