Definitions for "TNC"
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Acronym for Terminal Node Controller.
Terminal Node Controller, another name for a packet assembler/packet disassembler (PAD) as developed for amateur packet radio.
A Terminal Node Controller is essentially a smart modem designed for packet radio. It operates using Bell 103, 202 and 212 modem standards. It is the device used to interface the radio and terminal. Back
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Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Trans National Corporation
Transnational Corporation
A corporation with ecomomic activities and operations in two or more nations. Also known as Multinational Corporation (MNC).
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Coaxial connector with screw type coupling mechanism. Available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions. Frequency range DC - 11 GHz (50 ohm) and DC - 1 GHz (75 ohm), respectively.
A threaded type of BNC coaxial connector.
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Table Of Contents (TOC) Toccata
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The Newton Collector
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The Nature Conservancy
Trade Negotiations Committee
Transportation Network Component
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Trusted Network Connect