Definitions for "Concentrator"
A PV module that uses optical elements to increase the amount of sunlight incident on a PV cell. Concentrating arrays must track the sun and use only the direct sunlight because the diffuse portion cannot be focused onto the PV cells. Efficiency is increased, but lifespan is usually decreased due to the high heat.
An arrangement of photovoltaic cells that includes a lens to concentrate sunlight onto small-area cells. Concentrators can increase the power flux of sunlight hundreds of times.
collector that enhances solar energy by focusing it onto a smaller area through mirrored surfaces or lenses.
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A frame or ring of wire or hard paper fitting into the cartridge case used in some shotguns, and holding the shot together when discharged, to secure close shooting; also, a device for slightly narrowing the bore at the muzzle for the same purpose.
Device used in a LAN to combine transmissions from a cluster of clients and/or servers; often called a hub.
a communications device that offers the ability to concentrate many lower-speed channels into and out of one or more high-speed channels.
An apparatus for the separation of dry comminuted ore, by exposing it to intermittent puffs of air.
(2) mill or plant in which ore is concentrated by removing unwanted constituents.
Plant for concentrating ore.
a specialized computer that supervises communications traffic between the CPU and the peripheral devices in a telecommunications system
a telecommunications computer that collects and temporarily stores messages from terminals until enough messages are ready to be sent economically
a telecommunications computer that collects data signals and holds them
A financial institution or a third party service provider that has been retained by a biller to handle payment and/or remittance data.
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a great option if you don't want to fool with tanks and regulators, etc
permits you to position machines closer together on the network cable than you could otherwise. If you use a twisted-pair cable, you need a concentrator.
The point within a local telephone network where wiring converges before being transported to a local exchange.
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See Repeater.