Definitions for "PDN"
Public Data Network. A generic term for the collection of networks that provide public data services. Well-known examples are the Internet and X.25. QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. A modulation technique that uses two carriers in quadrature (using sine and cosine carriers that are 90° apart), and each carrier is modulated in amplitude. QoS - Quality of Service. A broadly used term that refers to the performance attributes of an end-to-end connection. A QoS definition for data would address attributes such as error rates, lost packet rates, throughput, and delay. QPSK - Quadrature Phase Shift Keying uses the sum of two carriers (typically a sine and a cosine) whose phases are 90° apart from one another (hence, in quadrature) to carry the signal.
Public Data Network. A telecommunications service that gives access to a nationwide data network through a local phone call.
public data network. A network that builds its own high-speed data highways using microwaves, satellites, and optical fiber.
Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience
Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy damage to nerves due to DM usually presents in the feet as pain/burning/numbness
Primary Directory Number. The primary “extension” number assigned to a telephone set connected to a Meridian SL-100 system. On an SL-100 Electronic Set, the PDN is always assigned to Key 0.
Primary directory number. The telephone number that customers dial to ring the customer contact centre/call centre.
Product Discontinuance Notice
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Pre-discharge Notification.